PO Box 54067 Hurst, Texas 76054
Phone 844-857-0341
BMW Owner Reimbursement Program

This Portal will allow you to submit your request for reimbursement electronically.

Reimbursement is available to the BMW Owner/Lessee who incurred the expense.

When submitting a reimbursement for a previous repair, please provide legible copies of the following documentation:

  1. Repair Order (RO) Invoice
    This document should include the following information:
    • Customer name and address
    • Vehicle Identification Number ("VIN")
    • The date of repair
    • The mileage when the repair was performed
    • Itemized breakdown of the labor charges for all repairs including diagnosis
    • Itemized breakdown of the parts, including any miscellaneous items, billed for all repairs

  2. Proof of Payment
    Please provide a copy of at least one of the following items as valid proof of payment:
    • Repair order (RO)/invoice stamped and dated as "PAID"
    • Copy of a cancelled check
    • Copy of a signed credit/debit card receipt
    • Copy of a credit/debit card statement.

Please enter the 17 characters of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) which can be found on the letter you received
in the box below.